Top reasons to choose India as your study abroad d

India is the country with diverse cultures and terrain with the peak of Himalayans to the depth of Indian Ocean. It is the birthplace of great freedom fighters, religions and history. Further, we understand the thought of studying away from your hometown may be intimidating at the initial stage but trust me you will get ample opportunities to explore the new world with new experiences. It might be pretty challenging but you will have an affordable experience here in India.

India has a legacy of providing the best education, thanks to IIT’s, AIIMS and IISC’s a few to name and is ranked 24th in the list of QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. It has much to offer and attract international students to study in India.

So let’s discuss some of the top reasons to choose India as your study abroad destination.

  1. Get top ranking universities for international education in India

India is a developing country and has expanded its reach in various fields including education. Thus, provide ample opportunities for aspirants to make choices for the best one to enrol with. I guess it will be the pleasure to study in one of the top universities in India.

  1. Scholarships

India financially assists international students with scholarships. Thus help aspirants to pursue higher studies in their field of interest. To name one we would like to mention General Cultural Scholarship Scheme and there are many. One can easily get the list by scrolling the Internet.

  1. Work Opportunities

With no doubt, one gets an array of working opportunities in India. People from across the world come here for the job openings. According to Indian government foreign students aren’t allowed to work while studying but NRI, PIOs and OCI are excluded from this margin though they are allowed to take internships and training if needed. Further, the Indian government doesn’t stop foreign students to work after their course completion. And to make a note they are also not allowed to extend their stay and work on their student visa as it doesn’t carry any work-related rights but can avail employment visa scheme which is for certain period of time and is extendable if needed.

  1. Growing Indian economy

India seems to be showing a steady growth in its economic status and is going to be world’s 3rd largest economy by 2030, according to a study. There are cities which are growing in these aspects. We can say the sky is the limit for India and it would be pretty interesting to see India flourishing as the vast potential, which is on its way to get explored.

  1. Affordable living

This is one of the concerns of every international student who wish to study abroad. But in countries like India, the cost of living should be the last topic of concern as living in India is quite affordable. The education cost in India is quite lower than other educational hubs like US, UK, etc.

If we talk about an average living and studying cost in India then it is around Rs 350000 which is far lesser than the countries like US, UK, etc. Hence, tuition fees shouldn’t be the prior concern for international students. Thus, it is again one of the preferable reasons why to study in India.

  1. Inexpensive travel options

We guess, now you know the overall living expense in India, right? So apart from expenses and quality education what else it offers? Well, you have a great option to get confront with the beauty of this country. One can frequently and affordably enjoy the pleasure of travelling right from the greenery of tea estates of Darjeeling to the textiles of Tamil Nadu. If you wish and try.

  1. Diverse culture, festivals and celebrations

It is known by all us that India is rich in its cultures and traditions. It is blessed with numerous heritage buildings, forts, temples and palaces and every monument has its own stories and history. Well, there is a lot to explore here in India as we cannot deny the fact that even 360 days are not enough to measure the depth and height of India’s culture.

Explore ample opportunities here in India

With no doubt, there are universities which provide the best learning opportunities for both the national and international students which have a student centred environment and offer scholarships to make their life easy to study and live in India. Further, if you are one them searching for a spark to enhance your abilities then we can provide the same. Our university provides you with some of the best options which can be beneficial and appreciated by you. For more information click: