Top 5 Things Employers Look for in an MBA Graduate

MBA graduates are in great demand by the employers. Since every year there are MBA graduates in large numbers, employers have to assess each candidate’s profile in a great detail to pick out the best fit for any role in their organization. Leaders are expected to have a different skill-set to be able to do justice to the managerial position that they are being hired for. The team’s growth highly depends upon the skill-set that the manager brings to the table.

Here are the top 5 attributes that employers look for in an MBA graduate

Decision – Making Skills

A smart manager has numerous opportunities in a day to analyse various situations and create a plan of action for the best solution to a problem or a situation. Employers look forward to MBA graduates who can demonstrate excellent analytical and decision-making skills. A strong logical analysis helps managers in seeing through a complex situation in a shorter time duration to arrive at a smart solution.

Leadership Skills

The importance of leadership skills, expands in every field. With their positivity, they lead others efficiently. The leadership skills help an employee in utilizing the resources to maximum to achieve the team as well as the organization’s goals. The strength of a true leader lies in getting the deliverables ready with the efforts of the team. A leader must also ensure that everyone in the team is treated fairly. Strong leadership skills are not only about motivating the team, but a leader who takes feedback positively and treats the team with respect.

Team Management Skills

A managerial job profile requires the person filling in the position to be able to work smoothly with a group of people across different channels. Observing team members to understand their expertise and then assigning tasks suitable to the best of their ability is essential in a good manager. Managing a team also involves placing faith in them to commit themselves to the team’s objectives.

Time Management Skills

This attribute is among the most important of the skill sets required in an MBA graduate for a managerial role. If a manager sets a goal, he/she is expected to achieve the same in a definite time-frame. Powerful goal-setting and channelizing the resources for the completion of a task within the deadline is a key trait of a person who can manage time productively.

Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills are mandatory for successful managers. Managerial job roles require a lot of interaction with different people on a day-to-day basis. An MBA graduate with strong interpersonal skills will also can have a better perception of people’s attitude and behaviour. Thus, employers look for candidates who appear to be confident enough during interviews.