Top MBA Myths That You Need to Stop Believing In

With the growing demand for specialized degree programs at the post-graduate level, MBA programs are witnessing a cultural shift. This trend switch is also a result of looming myths about MBA among the people.

Here are top 6 myths about MBA – busted:

Myth#1: All MBA Graduates Cannot Contribute Significantly to An Organization

It is often believed that MBAs lack specialization in specific areas, and therefore they are not capable of being highly productive, which, a graduate in Master of Finance would be. Some people even believe in “Master of Barely Anything” as the acronym for MBA.

This is not true. There are so many MBA graduates who are inclined to change the world. Some of the most brilliant organizations in the world have been started by an MBA graduate.

Myth#2: MBA As A Degree Does Not Have Any Meaning Attached to It

If you evaluate program closely, you will discover that MBA programs lay great importance to the application part of the theory. An MBA graduate comes with best practices that help in the growth of the organization and in turn, increase the productivity.

Myth#3: MBA Graduates Are Money Centric

There are firm believers of the fact that MBA graduates are only interested in hoarding money and attaining the powerful position. Their loyalty is questioned on this pretext.

MBA graduates have a strong will to create a difference in the world and not just collect the paycheck and go home. The purpose of Business schools is to create successful managers who can assess complex situations and craft an effective plan of action which would not affect anyone negatively. After being taught a subject, such as sustainable development, no MBA graduate in their right mind would be greedy for money and power.

Myth#4: MBA Graduates Lack Ethics

Labelling someone as a person of no ethics is very easy, however, if an MBA graduate is corrupt, so is an engineer or a doctor. Therefore, stereotyping a profession because of a few rotten apples is not fair. It has been observed that among those who silently contribute to the welfare of the society rather than making it to the newspapers for the same, are MBA graduates. As a matter of fact, business schools emphasize additional training on how to steer through situations involving ethical dilemmas.

Myth#5: MBA Graduates Cannot Think Out of The Box

With business school theories and principles in their head, it is perceived that these are not very helpful in the practical world. However, they have a strong business vision that can result in great ideas.

This myth does not carry an ounce of truth as MBA graduates have brilliant ideas having the potential of stirring a revolution in the world.