Herd Immunity: The Case Study of Sweden and the U.K. in their fight against COVID-19

Cover Image Source: https://ethicalboardroom.com/nomination-committees-in-sweden-and-the-uk/

Synopsis: Aswathy K, Post graduate student at Christ University discusses the strategy of herd immunity in the United kingdom and Sweden. No lockdown was issued, even restaurants and nightclubs were open, and both countries were using herd immunity as their COVID-19 response plan. Though the U.K. realised its mistake and declared a lockdown when a surge in numbers of cases became apparent, Sweden remains steadfast in its policy. Sweden’s current COVID-19 strategy is similar to Britain’s initial plan of herd immunity. She further gives insights about how many experts claim that the U.K.’s hesitancy in imposing lockdown by about half a month has cost thousands of lives, making it clear that the strategy of herd immunity was a failure. 

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