Symbiosis’ Summer E-Academy on Internationalization: BC (Before COVID) to AC (After COVID)-Unlocking Internationalisation.

India's first summer school on internationalisation, the Symbiosis Summer E-Academy was conducted with much gusto! A wonderful six-day session that helped hone in and enhance the participant's social and networking skills. There are three testimonials of the student's experience with session 1. 


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1). Erika in her article talks about her enriching experience of mutual learning and multiculturalism through the Summer Academy. She realised that even though we all have cultural differences; mutual respect and desire to learn from the differences is what unites us.To read more


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2 .Shreyas shares his experience of how through this E- Academy he discovered the importance of building networks and connections that last and how to express oneself. The intercultural exchange program was an eye opener for him with regard to the various opportunities that awaits when we move out of our comfort zones.To read more


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3.Nageshwari describes how the E- Academy was a chance towards self development and a respite from the monotonous schedules. The sessions provided a dual opportunity of engaging with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and self development. To read more