The EU’S Trade Policy & the Green Deal 

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Nidhi Menon, the President of European Horizon Symbiosis Chapter and a postgrad student at Symbiosis School of Economics discusses about the changing face of European trade and its implementation in the Post-COVID era. The EU has always used trade as a vital tool in fostering relationships and providing support to developing economies, however over the years trade has started negatively impacting the environment.

Taking cognizance of this change the EU has developed a new “green” vision on their trade policy. She gives insights into the Green Deal, one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the European Commission which is set to be the blueprint for policymaking in Europe for the next five years. It encompasses strategies for sustainable farming and protecting biodiversity in Europe, as well as reinforcements on the bloc’s commitments to attaining the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through a green trade policy, the EU can very well promote worldwide initiatives and support other countries in combating environmental degradation and climate change.  

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