Reimagining Internationalisation: Blended Education as a Catalyst,IHE 2021

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) SIU and Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are happy to announce the fifth edition of their annual international conference on Internationalisation of Higher Education (IHE 2021) . This SIU-AIU IHE series of conferences is a prominent annual international event on internationalisation of higher education, providing a platform for Indian vice chancellors, senior academics, faculty and experts from India and across the world to engage with critical ideas, policies and structures that would support HEIs to internationalise their curricula and campuses.
The tumultuous year that has gone by provides the background and impetus for this year’s conference. Titled ‘Reimagining Internationalisation: Blended Education as a Catalyst, IHE 2021 will bring together academics, university administrators, practitioners, vice chancellors and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as they face what is likely to be one of the most challenging situations faced by higher education in recent times.