SIU announces the four-year degree programme with multiple entry and exit options as envisioned in the NEP 2020. The highlights of the new programme offerings are as under

  • The Programme framework allows exciting options to pursue single major, double majors, minors, opportunity to pursue multidisciplinary, Ability and Skill enhancement courses
  • Offers a good blend of immersive learning, research and community engagement
  • Includes opportunities for semester exchange programmes with foreign universities
  • Offers the following exit options
    1. A Certificate at the end of the first year of the programme with 44 credits
    2. A Diploma at the end of the first two years of the programme with 84 credits
    3. A UG Degree at the end of 3 years of the programme with 120 credits
    4. A UG Degree with Honours / Research at the end of the 4 years of the programme with 160 credits
  • Offers option of Re-entry within 3 years of exit and 7 years as the maximum permissible period to complete the programme.

* Not applicable for Bachelor of Laws (BA LL.B.) & (BBA LL.B.), Bachelor of Technology , and Bachelor of Science/ Arts- Liberal Arts programmes.