About us

International students from over 85 countries pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Symbiosis, which is regarded as one of the best university in India for international students. Students and faculty are provided with opportunities to pursue their international academic interests to the fullest, be it through academic exchanges, or exposure to international conferences, seminars, workshops, and other resources making SCIE one of the most sought after international university in India.

Symbiosis International University
  • Symbiosis Centre for International Education is a special and central department created for International Students.
  • This department takes care of international students’ right from their admission till the time they graduate from this University.
  • This department acts as a common platform for International Students not only of SIU but from colleges and Universities across Pune.
  • This department conducts regular meetings with International Students across all institutes of SIU.
  • SCIE organizes an orientation program for International Students to orient them with the philosophy of the University, the institute, the city and culturally sensitize the students with the surroundings.

Symbiosis International University Internationalization at Symbiosis works on multiple tracks, for which the Symbiosis Centre for International Education has three departments:

Symbiosis International University Vision

  • Promoting international understanding through quality education

Symbiosis International University Mission of SCIE

  • To ensure a truly diverse student, faculty and staff community at SIU offering all its members a cosmopolitan ecosystem to grow in
  • To facilitate transformative global learning, innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship, and cross-cultural engagement opportunities for all students and faculty.
  • To ensure international perspectives are well reflected in curriculum offerings, faculty research, global immersion programs, community outreach and service learning projects, student and faculty representation, and all relevant activities of the university
  • To promote multicultural and global competencies
  • To strengthen the university’s research profile and research quality through international collaborations
  • To enhance the overall quality of education at SIU through internationalization at home and abroad.

Symbiosis International University Objectives of SCIE

SCIE is committed to achieving its mission through the following:

  • By building global and international networks of like-minded individuals and organisations
  • By offering global immersion programmes such as semester/faculty exchange, study abroad and internship/volunteering opportunities to faculty and students
  • By conducting intercultural awareness and development training
  • By learning and implementing effective internationalization at home initiatives